Ready Made Liners

Sometimes, when making all the fabulous liners that we make for all of our customers, we inadvertently make liners the wrong size, use the wrong colour fleece or we may notice a slight fault in the fabric. After all, despite being slightly bonkers and excellent seamstresses, we are human and because we buy fabric wholesale there can occasionally be manufacturing faults. In addition to this, we do sometimes get returned liners which haven't been used due to various reasons.

This is where this page becomes Your Best Place on the Internet. Why? Simple really, we will put all these liners on this page and they can be dispatched within 24hrs. Also, some of the liners will have discounts!!! That's right, Big Beautiful Discounts!! Any liners that are "standard" sizes (C&C,  Ferplast, Chartwell etc) without faults will be available at normal prices. However the great part is, they'll be with you within a few days. What's not to love about it?