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CandE Cosies Liners and Accessories

In a nutshell I am a WAHM based in the UK! After years of keeping guinea pigs, I decided to merge my passions for creating, sewing and small animals and started making Snuggle Sacks and Cage Liners. I quickly realised how ineffective/poor other companies liners were with polyester wadding or cheap towelling inside. These types of liners either aren't designed to absorb liquid, begin to smell quickly and are heavy,

I hunted around and discovered Zorb™, a fabric designed for reusable nappies and incontinence products and became the first C&C Cage and Ferplast Cage Fleece Liner maker in the UK to use this fantastic fabric. Highly absorbent, lightweight, quick drying and better than anything else available in the UK, including expensive "brands" on Amazon.

So, rest assured when you buy from me you are getting the Best Cage Liners for your C&C and Ferplast cages as well as excellent quality Snuggle Sacks, Cosy Tunnels, Hammocks. I also have my UNIQUE Ramp Tunnels. Take a look and I look forward to making your next purchase for your fur babies ... oh and spiky friends too.

By the way, have you got an unusual sized cage? Check out the Bespoke Cage Liners with a choice of single colour/patterns or two colours/patterns, the same as you can for standard liners. It's really simple! Calculate the area of your cage, choose the size band (list provided), tell me the exact dimensions, choose your fleeces and I'll make it for you.

If you are wondering what fleeces you can choose then please check out the Fleece Options page which will give you a good idea. However, some options may be out of stock so may not be available when you come to choose your liner, hammock, corner hide, snuggle sack or tunnel.