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900mm Ramp Tunnel - CandE Cosies
900mm Ramp Tunnel - CandE Cosies
900mm Ramp Tunnel - CandE Cosies
900mm Ramp Tunnel - CandE Cosies

900mm Ramp Tunnel

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Ramp Tunnel Size

900mm Ramp Tunnel (LxD): 900mm x 130mm


Over the years we have learnt that many animals, espeically guinea pigs, are not keen on using open sided ramps. Unfortunately, there are lots of hutches and cages that have more than a single level, therefore have a ramp and the suppliers fail to mention that the ramp can be an issue for some animals.

Knowing this, we make these highly commended ramp tunnels that easily attach on to the existing ramp, with 3 velcro straps, giving the animals the security they need. With a fabric backed fleece base so it's soft underfoot and a strong boned fabric cover, your animals will love going up and down the ramp and will finally get to make the most of their home.

The stated Ramp Length is the covered length of the tunnel and should be suitable for all ramps.

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rosie P.

I found this tunnel when I was searching for a solution for my guinea pigs, who didn't want to use the ramp in the two tier cage I recently got for them. This is the perfect solution. My piggies love the tunnel and now have full use of their new cage. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Constancy B.

Lush tunnel really good quality my piggies love it.

Katie A.
This works!!

I'll start by saying I have never reviewed anything on the web before, but I feel this product and the service was so good it deserved a recommendation. I had bought a 2 tier cage for my g pigs, and worried I had made a huge mistake when they showed no interest in going up a steep ramp which had no sides. I later read that g pigs are not natural climbers and are unlikely to go up a ramp. I was so disappointed that they would not benefit from the extra space if they never made it up the ramp! I wondered if a product existed that would solve this problem..... and I found it on this site. The ramp arrived in very good time considering its handmade. I set the ramp tunnel up and waited to see what they made of it. I didn't have to wait long, I think within 4 minutes they were confidently racing up and down it like crazy and were clearly delighted with the extra space they had discovered, and the tunnel itself. This product is well made with a lovely soft slightly fluffy bottom lining which helps them to grip and go up the tunnel easily. This product has been the making of this cage which is now being used to its full potential. Thank you for inventing this and solving a problem so many of us face who have multi tier cages for g pigs. Amazing!!

Hi Katie

Wow! Wow! Wow! Never wrote a review before but you made up for it with this one LOL Thank you so much for letting us be your first (and second) reviews. It's fantastic to hear that your piggies are making full use of the ramp tunnel and therefore their cage/home as well. We are so pleased that you and your piggies are really happy with it. Thank you.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris


Absolutely fantastic. My piggies love their ramp tunnel and spend most of their time in it! I love that it is secured in place and they can't take the tunnel for a walk!!!


What a lovely review. So great to hear that you are pleased with the ramp tunnel and that your piggies are making full use of it, though if they spend so much time in it you may not see them as much LOL Thank you so much for leaving the review.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

nicola m.
Best purchase I've made

Fantastic item my baby piggies wouldn't use the bottom of the 2 tier cage I tried this ramp before changing the cage and instantly they're running all over up and down really confidently they even sleep in the tunnel sometimes they enjoy it so much

Hi Nicola

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review, it is appreciated. Great to hear that your little piggies instantly found the benefit of the ramp tunnel. They really do make a difference to piggies lives and lovely to hear that yours took to it straight away. Not sure how comfy sleeping on a slope is though LOL

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Hannah C.
Pawfect Tunnels

These are the second lot of tunnels I have ordered for my Guinea pigs and they love them.

It makes the ramps so much safer and the pigs love them- they make popping sounds when going up and down them. They also provide a nice place to hide when life gets a little hectic. They are a great addition to piggy mansion!

They are well made and wash well (I put mine in hand wash in the machine and then hang up to try). The stains (pig pee etc) seem to wash out nicely.

My one pig has taken to sleeping with his head in the tunnel so must be cosy!

Pet and owner approved and recommended!

Hi Hannah

Thanks for leaving a lovely review about the ramp tunnels. We know that piggies don't really like open sided ramps which is why I, Elaine, designed them. Does sound like your piggies have really benefitted from the tunnel and are really enjoying using it. Wonderful!

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

love the tunnel

the tunnel works really well and fits a treat ... my 2 piggies that live in the lower cage are obviously clever - they go up and down ... but the 2 piggies that live upstairs - have not twigged it yet ... ;-) I bought 2 so I can change them when in the wash .... thank you ....

Hi Christine,

Thank you for the 3 new reviews you have left. It is always appreciated when someone leave one review, let alone three!

Great to hear you are pleased with the ramp tunnel and at least 2 of the piggies worked it out quickly. They're not always the smartest of animals but hopefully the other 2 have also worked out how to make use of it now.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Great product

Lovely little product. We recently adopted a rescue pig who wouldn't use the ramp in the hutch we already had. I ordered a ramp tunnel and he was happily using the ramp within an hour of my fitting it.

Hi Lindsey

Great to hear that you both adopted a rescue piggy and also that he immediately saw the benefit of the ramp once you fitted it. We hope it allows him to fully enjoy his new home. Thank you for leaving the review, it is appreciated.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Natascha H.
Couldn't do without!

The ramp tunnel was just what my two baby guinea pigs needed to finally pluck up the courage and use the ramp- nothing we tried before had worked! Lovely quality and such a nice choice of colours and patterns for the fabric. Just the right length. Many thanks!

Hi Natascha

Thank you for leaving a lovely review and fab news hearing that your baby piggies are now using the ramp. So many people, including in pet shops, do not realise that piggies are not big ramp fans. Hence, the ramp tunnels. They can make so much difference and we hope your piggies grow up continuing to use the ramp without fear.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Emma M.

Finally my two young guinea pigs are using both levels of their hutch. Before I purchased this tunnel they never ventured down the ramp. Now they race up and down it!

Hi Emma,

Great to see another happy customer of the ramp tunnels. Not sure people realise what a difference these can make to guinea pigs lives. Lovely to hear that yours are reaping the benefits and you're happy with the purchase.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris