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Bespoke Sized Cage Liner - Double Colour - CandE Cosies
Bespoke Sized Cage Liner - Double Colour
Bespoke Sized Cage Liner - Double Colour
Bespoke Sized Cage Liner - Double Colour - CandE Cosies

Bespoke Sized Cage Liner - Double Colour

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***Please Note: We updated the process of ordering a Bespoke Liner on 25th March to this new "Calculated" version.***

Ordering a Bespoke Cage Liner:

It is fairly straight forward to order a bespoke cage liner from CandE Cosies. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure your cage/hutch, length and width, in centimetres. If you measured in inches then multiple each figure by 2.54 to convert to centimetres.
  2. Enter the length into the "Cage Length" box above.
  3. Enter the width into the "Cage Width" box above.
  4. Choose your Fleece Option
  5. Select any additional/promotional items offered (Burrow pockets/Pee Pads/Lap Pads etc).
  6. Add to Cart ... you're all done!

Fleece Cage Liner Double Colour Option

Note: This is the option for a cage liner with different fleeces on each side of the liner. If you want the same colour/pattern on both sides please choose the Single Colour Option

About Our Bespoke Cage Liners

Not everyone has a "standard" sized cage therefore we offer the option to have a completely bespoke cage liner made for you. How amazing is that? We just need the details mentioned above and that's it. Our Bespoke Fleece Cage Liners were the first bespoke cage liners to use the material Zorb™ (more info below) in every liner we make. Several others have gone on to copy us by using it ... we're flattered so thank you. We used our experience and many many hours of trial and error to establish that this was the best material to use. Why? It is designed to be used in reusable nappies, is thin, lightweight and highly absorbent. Nothing on the market is more effective or comparable. However, we have improved on this design to now use Zorb™ Silvadur™ in all of our liners (more info further down).

The liners are made by using high quality anti-pil polar fleece on the top and bottom of the liners with a layer of Zorb™ sewn into place inbetween the fleece layers. The fleece is anti-pil meaning that it won't bobble and become less effective over time. In fact the fleece wicks better after multiple washes and wisking is what it is there for. Due to the Zorb™ being such an effective material a "waterproof" layer is not needed as used in lower quality cage liners you can buy. All of the liners are hand made in the UK by experienced and skilled seamstresses.

Zorb Information - Now Using Silvadur™

Zorb LogoWe were one of the first UK bulk importers of Zorb™ which we use in all of our cage liners. Zorb™ is 20 times faster at locking away liquid than any other material including cotton, bamboo and microfibre which are used in other cage liners. It also absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid in half a second. In addition it is thin (thick liners don't necessarily mean quality), lightweight, quick drying and can be tumble dried on a low setting.

As of March 2022 we have decided to start using Zorb™ with Silvadur™. Silvadur™ Antimicrobial inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the fabric thus controlling bad odours, improving overall hygiene and providing continuous freshness protection. We are the first in the UK to use this as standard within all of our liners, setting the bar for quality higher still and showing how innovative we are.

More information about Zorb™ Silvadur™ can be found In Our Blog Post but a summary of the advantages are:

  • Zorb™ Silvadur™ Antimicrobial absorbent core to lock away any moisture. Not polyester wadding which isn't absorbent!
  • Silvadur™ is proven to be safe against the skin so is 100% safe for your piggies/pets especially when sewn inside a cage liner.
  • Silvadur™ has intelligent odour control reducing noticeable odour by over 99%
  • High quality Anti-pil fleece to wick away moisture from the animals into the core.
  • Lightweight and thinner than alternatives but still soft underfoot.
  • Quick drying especially when compared to towelling and wadding based liners.
  • Made to measure for the chosen size of cage.
  • Handmade at home in the UK by a team of slightly bonkers but skilled seamstresses.
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat.

Burrow Pocket

I am happy to add on an extra section to the liner I call a burrow pocket. This additional fleece section is a "full width" pocket that allows your furry friends to get cosy and feel safe in their cage. I am able to make these to match the main liner, in alternative colours or even reversible so it will match both sides of the liner. Due to the comparative size of the burrow pocket, this is only an option on certain sized liners.

Washing Instructions

For all Washing Instructions please go to our Product Care Page

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur. All images are representative of what you can purchase and may not directly indicate the final purchased item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Eleanor Y.
Liners look fab!

I recently received my made to order fleece liners and I am really happy with them. Still a couple of weeks before we adopt our guinea pigs so haven't actually used the liners yet but the quality seems great.

Glen D.
Very good, very nice

We have moved over to these from shavings and it’s changed our lives threefold.

There is less mess in the piggie room from zoomies, Less waste and the time it used to take to do a weekly full clean has gone down from 1 1/2 hrs to around 15 mins.

If you are wavering over the decision to purchase because of the initial cost don’t. In the long run over the life time of the pigs it’s a huge saving, we used to use 2 £16 bags of shavings a month and don’t forget the trips to the local top to throw the waste away. All in all we are very pleased.


Robert M.
Great cage liners

We have ordered a few liners over the past few weeks and are over the moon. The quality is fantastic and at a great price. Would definitely recommend to all. Will be ordering again soon. Thanks again

Katie B.
They love it

Ordered personalised cage liners to fit my Guinea pigs new DIY cage they are really soft and material really thick, they wash really well and absorb amazingly have brought two but will be buying more soon

Laetitia E.
Je recommande à 100%

Un tapis polaire de très bonne qualité, très absorbant. C est la première fois que je peux le laisser quasiment 1 semaine sans le changer.
Je suis très satisfaite de mes achats !

Nicole B.
Best cage liners around

Highly recommend these cage liners. Have bought a few now. Really absorbent and wash really well.

Claire B.

Guineas love how cosy these liners are. So thick and cosy

Jennifer T.
Fantastic products

I ordered bespoke cage liners and other accessories which my piggies love. They look great and are mega thick and absorbent. I have ordered another set in a different design and I loved them so much.

Nicole B.
The best cage liners

Great product, absorbs brilliantly and washes and dries really well. Have bought 2 already and will definitely be buying more soon.

Tracey G.
Double sided bespoke liner.

Absolutely lovely fleece as always, I have had a couple now and they're always great. Brill service too 👍