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C&C and Ferplast Cage Liner - Double Colour - CandE Cosies
C&C and Ferplast Cage Liner - Double Colour - CandE Cosies
C&C and Ferplast Cage Liner - Double Colour - CandE Cosies

C&C and Ferplast Cage Liner - Double Colour

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Fleece Cage Liner Colour Option

This is the option for a C&C or Ferplast cage liner with different fleeces on each side of the liner. If you want the same colour/pattern on both sides please choose the Single Colour Option

Fleece Cage Liner Sizes

Warning: Please be aware that C&C cage sizes can vary from different manufacturers. Double check your cage size and get in touch before ordering if your cage is slightly larger. 

These Liners come in the following sizes to fit a variety of cages: 

C&C Fleece Cage Liners

Lap Pad: 36cm x 36cm (14in x 14in)

2x1 C&C: 72cm x 36cm (28in x 14in)

2x2 C&C: 72cm x 72cm (28in x 28in)

2x3 C&C: 72cm x 108cm (28in x 42in)

2x4 C&C: 72cm x 144cm (28in x 56in)

2x5 C&C: 72cm x 180cm (28in x 70in)

2x6 C&C: 72cm x 216cm (28in x 84in)

2x1 C&C Loft with Ramp (Regular Loft): 72cm x 36cm liner with 70cm x 15cm ramp

2x1 C&C Loft with Ramp (Low Level loft): 72cm x 36cm liner with 58cm x 18cm ramp

3x1 C&C:  108cm x 36cm (42in x 14in)

3x2 C&C:  108cm x 72cm (42in x 28in)

3x3 C&C:  108cm x 108cm (42in x 42in)

3x4 C&C:  108cm x 144cm (42in x 56in) 

Ferplast Fleece Cage Liners

Ferplast 100: 57cm x 96cm (22in x 38in)

Ferplast 120: 58cm x 118cm (22in x 46in)

Ferplast Rabbit 140: 71cm x 140cm (28in x 55in)

Ferplast 140 Plaza (2 Liner Set): 56cm x 100cm (25in x 39in) & 40cm x 56cm (15in x 25in)

Ferplast 160 Plaza (2 Liner Set): 56cm x 120cm (25in x 47in) & 40cm x 56cm (15in x 25in)

*All Sizes are approximate


Zorb LogoOur C&C and Ferplast Fleece Cage Liners have taken a long time to design. We've used our years of experience of keeping lots of guinea pigs, and spoken to other owners, to ensure we've created liners that both meet the needs of the animals but also look good for the owner to enjoy in their home.

We are one of the main importers, in the UK, of a highly absorbent material called Zorb™ which we use in all of our cage liners making them the most absorbent and quickest drying liners available. Zorb™ is 20 times faster at locking away liquid than any other material including cotton, bamboo and microfibre which are used in other cage liners. It also absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid in half a second. We are the only UK based cage liner makers who use this material in all of their cage liners. You can't get better elsewhere and these are all still hand made in the UK.

Key Features

  • Anti-pil fleece to wick away moisture from the animals.
  • Zorb™ absorbent core to lock away any moisture. Not polyester wadding which isn't absorbent
  • Lighter than liners made by other popular companies with towelling inside.
  • Dries a lot quicker than towelling based liners.
  • Made to measure for the size of cage.
  • Hand made at home in the UK using quality materials.
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat.

Burrow Pocket

I am happy to add on an extra section to the liner I call a burrow pocket. This additional fleece section is a "full width" pocket that allows your furry friends to get cosy and feel safe in their cage. I am able to make these to match the main liner, in alternative colours or even reversible so it will match both sides of the liner.

Washing Instructions

For all Washing Instructions please go to our Product Care Page

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
S R.
Pigs Love Them!

Beautiful soft fleece liners clearly made with care & with such beautiful patterns! I absolutely love how you have can have 2 different patterns with these & my guinea pigs love how soft they are. They also last much better than other fleece liners. Couldn't recommend more. Thank you! :)


What a lovely worded and kind review. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review with us. It really is appreciated when people take the time out of their busy lives, especially to say such kind things. We really are pleased that you are so happy with your liners and that your piggies are enjoying them too. A big thank you again.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Alex L.

Very much worth the money. I'd previously used fleece or bath mats with towels underneath as a cheap cage liner but the C&E liners are a good price and have saved me so much hassle cleaning the cage. Definitely worth it. They stay dry despite 2 messy piggies. I've washed ours twice and they wash well and dry quick. There's a good range of colours/patterns to choose from which helped me massively as my cage does have a theme/colour scheme. I've already bought a second one of these liners.

Hi Alex

What a wonderful review. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it as we know how busy everyone is these days. Lovely to hear how happy you are with the liner and for expressing how much you feel they are worth the money. We know some people are put off by the initial cost but you have highlighted so many of the benefits that make them great value and it's great to hear you are making the most of them. Thanks again for your kind words.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Jasmine H.
Great quality

These are the best fleece liners I’ve bought. They are such good quality, so soft and easy to maintain & clean. They don’t shrink in the wash which i love as other liners I have bought in the past have. My boys love them, thank you

Hi Jasmine

Wow! So many lovely things said about the liner you purchased. Thank you so much. Not sure what we can say about such a wonderful review. Think you have said it all! We're just pleased to hear that you and your boys love the liner.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Amazing quality

great range of patterns and colours to choose from quality is amazing, no signs of wear and tear even after a month of regular washing. Super absorbent and soft my guinea pigs love it… would 100% recommend


Thank you for your lovely review and kind words about the cage liner. We appreciate you taking the time to get in touch and say such nice things as well. We're really pleased you are happy with the liner and that your piggies love it too!

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Mike H.
Ideal cage liner

Well made, great choice of colours, arrived very promptly, no obvious wear and tear after a month or so of use and regular washing. Currently serving as a very effective cage liner for my rats. Would highly recommend - little pricey IMO hence the 4 stars but would buy again

Hi Mike,

What a lovely review, thank you. Always great to get feedback and fabulous to hear that after a month you are noticing no obvious wear and tear. We do try to use quality fabrics, which includes the Zorb which we have to import, so we appreciate the price comment but feel we are better value than most others on the market.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Vicky H.
Excellent Liner

I absolutely love this liner! It’s fantastic, fits perfectly and is easy to sweep for daily spot cleans. It’s washed really well too and dries super quick. Beautifully made and super absorbent - you can really feel the quality. I chose the rainbow hearts fleece and it’s looks great. The colours are bright and the print is really clear. I cannot wait for the store to reopen so I can order another.

Hi Vicky

Many thanks for leaving a wonderful review. It is always appreciated when people take time out of their busy lives to leave a message. I am so pleased that you and your piggies are loving the liner so much. Being a WAHM and trying to juggle everything means reading such wonderful messages makes my day.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Amanda Q.
Quality product.

I purchased liners for my 4x5 C&C cage and a loft liner, they are absolutely fantastic quality, very absorbant thanks to the Zorb inner and super cosy on my Guinea pigs little feet. They also look fantastic. I'm hoping to purchase a second set in the near future. Many thanks

Hi Amanda,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review and that you and your piggies are enjoying your enormous liners. Sounds like you have created a perfect setup for your piggies and they are very happy.

You know where we are if you fancy that other set, maybe in another lovely colour or funky pattern. We'd be more than happy making them for you.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Gill R.
Lovely fleece tunnel and hide

I was really pleased with the colourful soft fleece hide and tunnel. I am looking after 3 guinea pigs and Evie absolutely loves the tunnel and the boys have the hide. I gave the really plush hammock to my hamster as he loves to snuggle up in them. Thank you all so much.

Hi Gill

Many thanks for your review and such kind words about all the items you purchases. Sounds like the hamster lucked in as well LOL We hope that your 3 piggies are all enjoying the items you purchased and it was so lovely that you uploaded the photos. We love seeing people's piggies with our products.

Thank you again and take care.
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Sarah N.
Lovely Fleece Liners

Love these fleece liners! They fit the cage perfectly and the girlies love the burrow pocket. We purchased two of the liners, they are so easy to change over and lovely to wash. Thank you very much.

Hi Sarah

Another lovely review and such kind words for the cage liners and more proof of how much piggies love the burrow pockets. Great to hear that you are finding them so easy to use and keep clean. A real bonus in all of our busy lives.

Also, thank you for taking the time to leave so many reviews for all the purchases made. We appreciate every review so when someone leaves multiple ones then it means even more. Thank you so much.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Rebecca A.
Fleece liners

Left it a while to review so I could try them out and they are brilliant. As well as the absorbency the way the hair comes away from the fleece makes life alot easier. Our three ladies seem very happy with the liners

Hi Rebecca

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Sounds like you and your 3 ladies are enjoying the new fleeces and hearing that you are loving how easy they are to use and how well they absorb is fantastic.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris