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CageMate C&C Cage Bases

CageMate C&C Cage Bases

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CageMate for C&C Cages


2x4 Internal area (W x L)*: 70cm x 140cm (27.6in x 55.1in)

2x5 Internal area (W x L)*: 70cm x 175cm (27.6in x 68.9in x 5.9in)

2x6 Internal area (W x L)*: 70cm x 210cm (27.6in x 82.7in)

All liners are 15cm (5.9in) high. Perfect height for use with fleece liners or loose substrate.

*All sizes are approximateCheck your cage size before ordering.

CageMate Description

We bet you are fed up with having to scoop out the shavings/substrate on clean out day! Worry no more! Just remove all the hides etc, unclip and unhook the base and carry it to your wheelie/green bin and empty it out in one go. A little warm soapy water or disinfectant, towel dry and you are ready to go again. Quick and simple, what more could you want?

The CageMate has been in development for a number of years and is now finally here! It has been designed to be used alongside, or even in place of, the normal correx/proplex plastic base as a lightweight and convenient aid to cleaning out.

Our CageMates are exceptionally high quality and are made of waterproof oxford fabric, used for rainwear, with fully seamed joins inside to ensure it is completely watertight. They are designed to be used alongside fleece liners or other substrates such as woodshavings/auboise etc. Oh, did we mention these are made and ready to go?

The CageMate is easy to attach, and remove, thanks to our unique corner tension cords (see below for more information) with heavy duty hooks. Down each side there are conveniently located metal eyelets along the top edges for use with the supplied split rings and snap hooks to securely attach to your cage. The top edges are bias bound, not just hemmed, to give a premium finish as you'd expect from CandE Cosies.

*** Note: This is for the liner only. Cage shown for demonstration purposes.

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

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CageMate C&C Cage Bases from CandE Cosies

Further Information

Key Features of Our CageMate Products

Key Details

  • Can be easily removed, contents put into bin, quick wash and back in again.
  • Our unique corner tension cords with heavy duty hooks.
  • High quality fully seamed waterproof Oxford fabric.
  • Metal eyelets with split rings and snap hooks for easy attachment and removal.
  • Ready made and available with quick dispatch.
  • Bias bound, not just hemmed, for longevity.
  • Lightweight and folds small so easy to store if required.
  • Looks good and is fantastically made with a premium finish.

Tension Cord Guide

Some of our CageMate products feature a unique corner tention cord. These cords are high quality elastic with heavy duty "S" hooks which allow you to easily hook the products to the cage. Due to the elastic they keep the CageMate sufficiently taut.

However we know that animals, such as those adorable guinea pigs, do like to chew on plastic. Therefore we recommend the following arrangement:

Comparison of the recommended position for the tention cord

Ideally we suggest that you feed the tension cord through the cage, over a horizontal bar, and then angle it diagonally downwards and hook it on as shown in the right hand image above. This keeps the CageMate taut but also keeps temptation out of your piggies way!

Washing Instructions

Cleaning and Washing

  1. Remove all items and substrate from product.
  2. Hand wash only using a mild detergent or pet suitable disinfectant cleaner.
  3. Line/Air dry ideally though can be dried with a towel


Please do not put in a washing machine due to the attached hooks potentially catching inside the machine drum.

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