These are all of the reviews left by my customers who have purchased from me. I am a WAHM juggling work, kids and life and so have relied on peoples feedback to grow my business. I will always try to personally respond to every review and am honest enough to post ALL reviews, whether good or bad. Take a look and see why people have bought from me, in many cases multiple times.
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Ramp tunnel

So impressed with the ramp tunnel! Not only does it feel and look great but our Guinea pigs love it. We have two Guinea pigs, one was comfortable with the cage ramp but the other would never go up/down. We hadn’t even finished strapping the tunnel ramp and the nervous Guinea was already running up and down. Thank you!!!


Absolutely love these beds and so do our piggies. They are well made and have a wonderful removable insert. The real bonus is they also don't cost the earth. Thank you cande cosies.


Great choice of fleece designs, washed great! Will be buying again!

Piece at last

Great tunnel, which is designed and made brilliantly. Prior to buying this we had a plastic tube on the ramp and the piggies would make a racket running up and down it all night and they are in my daughters bedroom. This gives her a bit more peace and quiet and the piggies seem happy, which is the most important thing.


I can’t say I’ve seen pumpkin a lot since I put the tunnel in, and with my other two piggies not getting a turn I think I’ll have to buy them a few more presents from here :) the tunnel is fantastic quality, easy to clean/wash/dry and is very cosy from the looks of it!

Good quality, easy to clean

I am very happy with my cage liners, having 10 guinea pigs it makes it cheaper and easy to clean them out. I will be ordering some more for the 2 standard size cages. I would like to order some bespoke sizes for my larger 2 storey hutch, however I am not getting any response to my emails asking if it possible to have them made and get a quote, some feedback would be appreciated.


I ordered a fleece cage liner for my 2 Guinea pigs and was so happy I quickly ordered a second one. Makes cleaning the cage so much easier. I still put puppy pads underneath but the liners are brilliant as it rarely goes through. Highly recommended.


Absolutely gorgeous liners! Beautifully and professionally made, fab for the piggies, even when used in our pens with the biggest herds, around 30 pigs, they stay dry on top! Wash extremely well and dry quickly, look like new wash after wash! Will definitely be saving for more next year!

Cage liners

Really pleased with the quality, My guinea pigs loves them, they’re thick and snuggly and they love it and so do I. Pee pads are great too, and washable.

Pee Pads
D R.
Pee pad

Will be perfect when they don't mind sitting on our laps haha.

Pea flakes

They love them. Plenty in the pack

Covered Hammock
Sian A.M.
Great Hammock

My girls absolutely love this. Getting under it. Getting into it. Beautifully made. Very pleased. Thank you.

Corner Hide
Sian A.M.
Lovely Hide

The girls love it! (as do I). Thank you.

Thank you

Great liners. Quick response and delivery. Use 2 in cage as odd shape giving pigs a great hiding place. Guinea pigs approve. Thank you

Lovely liner

This is a lovely well made liner which fits the space it was made for. I love that you can choose 2 patterns. I have found that boar glue doesn't always wash out but I'm guessing that's typical rather than a fault with the product. I already had 2 other cage liners from c&e cosies and bought this one as I was so pleased with them.

Cage liners, curtain and tunnels

Can't recommend the products enough, they look good, are practical and more economical in the long run. My piggies love to snuggle and don't get sawdust in their fur and eyes. I've bought liners, hideaways and tunnels, I've found them to be a great investment.


Bought peaflakes and dandelion forage. Piggys loved them

Corner hide

Perfect. Made well looks fantastic. We couldn't be happier


Piggys love it. I love it.

Excellent quality and great customer service

Very happy with my order. Ordered a couple of tunnels and a large fleece liner for our c&c and it’s safe to say my boys absolutely love it all. Excellent quality and arrived very quickly. Unfortunately the pee pads were missing from the order but I got in touch and they were very helpful and sent them out very quickly after with apologies. Would definitely buy again


These are perfect for our c and c cage, fit well and absorbent. Change them every 3-4 days. They seem really comfortable as well.

Cosy Tunnel

Lovely fabric, very well made. Perfect for the Guinean pigs to play and to snuggle in.

Soft and cosy.

Having previously purchased these liners, and now needing a spare set, I was delighted to be able to get Christmas themed liners. The bonus of double sided is I can have Christmas themed for Autumn/Winter and another pattern for Spring/Summer. All 5 of my pigs love their liners and I appreciate how easy they are to keep clean. They’re also made with a little extra room which I find very useful as other liners tend to be a tad too small for my cage.

brought this to add to a circus top bed. Guineas love it and i found it really helps with the cleaning

Pee Pads

These pads are great and make hutch clean out so much easier.