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Fleece Cage Liners and Accessories

I am a WAHM based in the UK who now has a couple of helpers due to how popular my products have become. After years of keeping LOTS of guinea pigs I decided to merge my passions for creativity, sewing and small animals. After some research I noticed the guinea pig Cage Liners being sold online were ineffective/poor using just polyester wadding or cheap towelling inside. These types of liners aren't designed effectively to absorb liquid. So, I set about making MUCH BETTER FLEECE LINERS 😁

I soon discovered Zorb™. This fabric was designed for reusable nappies and incontinence products and so could handle large volumes of liquid quickly. I became the first C&C and Ferplast Fleece Cage Liner maker in the UK to use this fantastic fabric in ALL the liners. Highly absorbent, lightweight, quick drying and better than anything else available in the UK, including well known expensive "brands" on Amazon.

So, rest assured, when you buy from me you are getting the Best Quality Cage Liners for your money. You can even add on a burrow pocket, as seen on much more expensive liners. I also make top quality Snuggle Sacks, Cosy Tunnels, Hammocks, Hides and Doughnut Beds. Take a look around and you'll be amazed at how you can buy a high quality fleece cage liner at affordable prices.

What's that? You have an unusual sized or shaped cage? Check out the Bespoke Cage Liner pages. It's really simple! Full instructions on the products pages. I do try to keep the Fleece Options updated, however some options may be out of stock so may not be available when you make your purchase

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