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Please find suggested washing instructions for the various products we currently make for our customers. All advise is given based on our own experience and knowledge. We cannot be held responsible for items that have been washed incorrectly.

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Cage Liner Washing Instructions

Washing and Drying

  • Give your liner an initial wash before using. This helps aid the wicking of the fleece.
  • Sweep/vacuum the loose hay and droppings daily.
  • Your liner will probably need washing once or twice a week depending on how messy your little ones are.
    • If you have 3 or more animals then washing may need to be done more regularly.
    • If you use pee pads or similar then this can extend the time between washing.
    • Make sure you shake/brush the loose materials off your liner before washing.
  • Machine wash your liner on a cool wash, 30/40C using a washing detergent that DOES NOT contain fabric softener. A little white wine vinegar can help eliminate odours.
  • We always RECOMMEND line/air drying liners. However, our liners, unlike others, can be tumble dried if necessary. Please ensure it is on a LOW HEAT SETTING.  Due to the materials we use they will dry quickly.

Extra Help

  • Do Not use fabric softener when washing your liners. This is because it leaves a residue on the fleece fibres stopping them from wicking moisture away as effectively
  • As mentioned above, we recommend giving your liner an initial wash though this is not essential. You will find the more the liner is washed the more effective the fleece becomes at wicking away any moisture. This is normal behaviour for the material and is a reason why it is so good to use in the cage.
  • When washing, if you give the liner a second spin/rinse you will find that it dries a lot quicker.
  • Make sure you don't use too much detergent as this will clog the fibres and stop the liner working as effectively. This will lead to bad odours.

    Sacks, Tunnels, Hides & Ramp Tunnels

    • If a snuggle sack, pull the fleece inner out.
    • Give the item a good shake to remove any loose debris.
    • Wash on a 30/40°C cycle.
    • Line Dry only. DO NOT tumble dry.

    Doughnut Beds

    • Separate the bed and the pee pad and shake the loose debris.
    • Wash on a gentle cycle (30/40°C)
    • Line Dry only. DO NOT tumble dry.


    • Give the hammock a good shake to remove any loose debris.
    • Wash on a 30/40°C cycle.
    • Line Dry only. DO NOT tumble dry.

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    90 reviews
    The girls love it!

    I got a new liner, as my previous ones were very old. My 2 girls LOVE IT! I ordered a 2x4 with a hidden pocket and they adore it. Can't wait to buy more :D


    Fleeces are looking and feel great. Very absorbent. Piggies love their new comfort. Will be buying more in future.

    Single Colour Liner
    Stephanie B.
    Liners and cosy tunnels

    Really pleased with the liners and tunnels I ordered. Order arrived really quickly and they're great quality.
    One of my piggies loves to burrow so the burrow pocket on the liners is a great option 😁

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to send over the photos and leave your lovely review. Your piggies all look so happy on their new liners, enjoying their hay Burrow pockets can be a great addition especially if your piggies are the burrowing kind so fingers crossed yours will enjoy theirs

    Thanks again and you know where we are if you need/want a colour change

    Kind regards
    Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

    Game changers!

    I had tried various combinations of liners before discovering these and I’m so glad I invested in a set as they are amazing - soft, well-made and so absorbent, you have no idea where the guinea pigs have peed! The cage looks and smells so much cleaner now and lasts for days before a full change is needed. Easy to wash and dry too. Have already recommended to a friend. Thank you!

    Hi Sarah,

    Wow wow wow!!! What a fantastic review you left for us. That really made us smile when we read it. It's fantastic to hear that you are so happy with the liners and that you have discovered how much better good quality liners, made with the right materials, can be in comparison to other liners or even other methods of covering the cage floor.

    Thank you as well for recommending us. We do get most of our customers through recommendations so it's always lovely to hear that's the case. We have noticed you have ordered again, thank you so much.

    Kind regards
    Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

    Absolutely delighted with the chinchilla cage liners. Really well made and a good price. Thank you

    Hi Maggie

    Thank you so much for leaving a review with us. It is always appreciated. Great to hear that your chinchillas, chinchillas are so cute, are enjoying their new liners. Lovely to get your feedback and you know where we are if you fancy a colour change :)

    Kind regards
    Elaine, Charlotte and Paris