Needing some more information regarding our fantastic liners, amazing accessories and moreish forage or just need to know more about us or our service? Well, hopefully we can answer a lot of your questions below in our FAQs.

Liner Information

Do you make C&C and Ferplast Liners?

Yes! Of course we do. We make a whole range of liners for a variety of C&C and Ferplast cages in a wide variety of fleeces.

If you have a C&C or Ferplast cage then you can just use our standard ordering page(s) and choose your size: Single Colour Liner or Double Colour Liner

Simply use the option box to select your cage size, from a 1X1 Lap Pad up to a 2X6 or 3X4 for C&C and Ferplast 100, 120, 140 and both common Ferplast Plaza sizes (140 & 160). There is even an option for a 2X1 loft liner with attached ramp cover. Spoilt for choice!

I don't have a C&C or Ferplast cage, can you make a liner for me?

Yes. As well as making C&C and Ferplast liners we are also able to make liners to fit nearly all cages and designs.

All you need to do is measure the cage, most people have rectangle cages but other shapes can be done, and then head over to our Bespoke Liner pages which can be found here: Bespoke Single Colour Liner and Bespoke Double Colour Liner. You will need to do some basic maths, get your measurements (in cm), multiply them to get the area, choose the corresponding BAND option from the list, then enter the actual length and width, choose your fleece and any extras and we'll do the rest.

What is Zorb®? Why don't many other makers use it?

You will have seen that we use a fantastic absorbent fabric called Zorb®, which was designed to be used inside reusable nappies. That's right, it's designed to cope with a baby weeing so you can be certain it will handle a piggy doing it LOL

Zorb has the ability to soak up liquid 20x quicker than regular towelling and can hold up to 10x it's weight in liquid too. It is also thin, lightweight, dries very quick and allows the liner to be tumble dried (on a low heat). It's amazing.

So, if it's so amazing why don't all the other makers use it? Well, we have importing experience and so buy the Zorb® direct from the manufacturer. By doing this, despite the hassle and headaches, it means we get it far cheaper than others which means we can keep our prices lower and can guarantee that you are getting the real material, as there are some fakes about. Nearly all other makers buy from within the UK and so have higher costs which they have to pass on to their customers. Also, we are proud to have been the first in the UK to use Zorb® in all of our liners.

Check out the Cage Liners Here

Why do yours not have a "waterproof" backing?

We are aware that there are numerous makers out there who use a waterproof backing, such as PUL, on their liners. There is one simple reason for this, they use non-absorbent or poor absorbency fabrics inside such as polyester wadding, mattress toppers or cheap towelling. These fabrics need to have the waterproof layer to stop liquid soaking all the way through. In fact, the wee usually just "pools" inside the liner and can often start to smell.

Due to us using Zorb®, which is a high quality absorbent fabric designed for use in nappies, we do not need to use additional waterproof layers. It does it all itself. In fact it absorbs 20x faster than bamboo and towelling and can hold 10x it's own weight in liquid. It really is remarkable. Add to this that it dries quick, doesn't smell and can be tumble dried, see our Product Care Page for more info, then what's not to love? Oh, did we mention that because if doesn't need a waterproof backing that the liners can be used either side? Well, they can.

Do I need to put something under the Liner?

Unlike far too many liners on the market, ours do not need anything underneath when using in the cage. This is because our liners are extremely absorbent. However, fleece can take a few washes to get to their maximum wicking abilities. During this time there can be some liquid seeping through.

Other liners require paper, towelling etc to be used because they only use polyester wadding which is NOT absorbent at all. Some try to disguise this fact by using a waterproof membrane and extra thick wadding. Sadly the liquid just pools inside the liner.

Why settle for liners that need extra fabrics/layers to actually do their job? CandE Cosies liners do it all in one thin, soft, quick drying liner.

Do your liners shrink?

To be quick and honest, yes they can but not always and not always by a significant amount! As with all liners that use fleece, and similar fabrics, there is always the possibility of some shrinkage. However, we factor this in when making the liners and so when yours arrives they will be larger than expected. The added bonus of this is that the liner goes up the sides a bit so reduces the chance of wee going around the edge or piggies trying to bury under it.

How do I wash them and can they be tumble dried?

We have detailed washing instructions Here including the option to download a PDF copy. Also, our liners have a tag on them which includes basic washing information as you would see on clothing

Quick version for washing is ... Wash at 40C without fabric conditioner (white vinegar is a handy additive) and then either line dry (best option) or unlike other liners, ours can be tumble dried on a LOW setting.

Ordering and Delivery

How can I pay?

We accept all credit cards, through Shopify Pay which also has an associated App, or you can use alternatives such as Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

How long does it take to make my order?

If you are ordering Liners and/or accessories then we would generally say the average is about 7-10 working days for them to be dispatched. Please be aware that during very busy times, leading up to Christmas etc then we may have to extend the times a bit. However, there are times we dispatch quicker.

If you are ordering ready made items or forage then we will endeavour to dispatch your order within 24-48hrs.

For full and up to date delivery and dispatch information then head over to our Delivery Information Page

Why don't you have the liners already made?

We pride ourselves on producing fantastic hand made products exactly as our customers require. That means we have over 60 fleece choices, we allow different fleeces each side (in our double colour liners) and then with some accessories there are separate cotton components. This means that it would be impossible to have them all already made.

We do gain a small collection of ready made liners from ones made in error, unused returns and ones with minor faults. These will appear on our Ready Made or Clearance Pages when they are available.

How long does delivery take?

If you are based in the UK then we use a fully Tracked 48hr delivery service from Royal Mail. Occasionally, with extremely large orders we will use a courier service. Tracking information is emailed to you upon dispatch.

Please note: If your order is small, such as some hammock clips or a small bag of forage, then this may be sent via normal stamped postage and therefore will not have tracking

For international orders then please look below at the FAQ for international orders or check out the Delivery Information Page

Do you deliver Internationally?

Of course we do! We have delivered hundreds of liners all over the world and have had many repeat customers from a whole variety of countries.

Obviously it takes the same amount of time to make the liners and accessories but delivery timescales do vary. Royal Mail, our UK delivery service, gives the following estimated timescales for delivery:

Europe: 3 to 5 working days

Worldwide: 5 to 7 working days

These are estimated timescales and can be impacted by your own local postal service, delays in customs etc. Therefore, for ANY order please leave at least 10 days before chasing with us. You will be sent tracking information via email on dispatch to help locate your delivery.

Large Orders: If you are placing a larger order and the checkout doesn't give you any options, send us an email letting us know what you wish to order. This is due to the big differences in postage services depending on size and weight. Thank you.

Returns and Exchanges

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Yes we do though we do need to be contacted within 14 days of delivery.

Unwanted Items: If you have simply changed your mind, reconfigured your cage etc then you can return your order but you will be liable for all return postage costs. We will refund you for the returned items.

Faulty Items: Should you have an issue with your purchase within a sensible timeframe, then contact us as soon as you can. We will then try to assess the issue and best course of action to resolve it. Should it require an item to be returned then please post it back to us and send evidence of the postage charges and we will reimburse you for it.

Exchanges: Should you wish to change for a different pattern or size after receiving your order then get in touch as soon as you can. We will then discuss the changes you wish to make. You will be liable for the return postage AND the postage for the new liners. Should you be exchanging for more expensive items then we will need the additional payment but if exchanging for cheaper items then we will reimburse the difference.

General Information

Where are your liners and accessories made?

We are based near Bristol in the United Kingdom. Every single liner, hammock, hide, tunnel, snuggle sack etc etc is made by the hands of Elaine, Charlotte and Paris in our workshop/sewing room. We do not outsource or buy in liners and accessories from anywhere else (apart from the hammock clips, metalwork is not our forté LOL).

We are aware that some cage liner and accessory sellers buy in ready made products. That's not what we're about. Hand made in the UK. Employing local. Supporting UK businesses. Simple.

Do you really make everything by hand in the UK?

Over 99% of our products and accessories are made by us here in the UK. This includes all of our liners, beds, cubes, hides, sacks, tunnels etc. The only accessories (as of March 2023) that aren't made by us are the memory foam mats and hammock clips.

Do you have a bricks and mortar shop?

No we don't. We are purely online based and work out of a specially made workshop/sewing room.

However, if you are locally based (Bristol) then you are welcome to arrange to collect from us.

How can I be sure you are safe to buy from?

All payment methods use secure online payments, just check the little padlock in the address bar. Also, check out all the genuine Reviews Here to see what our previous customers have said about our products and services. We are also on Social Media including Facebook and Instagram.

Elaine started this business herself many years ago, using her designs and ideas, and has worked hard to ensure what is made and dispatched is high quality and done with excellent service. The business has gotten bigger and bigger purely by recommendations alone, we do not actively advertise, which is why we now have Charlotte, Elaine's daughter also working we us. We will continue to do this as we grow and will continue to employ local people rather than outsource our products to elsewhere in the world.

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