Fleece Options

I love to offer as big a range of fleece options as I can to be used mainly with my cage liners but also with snuggle sacks and some tunnels. These fleeces come in a variety of options including plain colours, spots and stars and premium fleeces with animals, patterns and much more. Take a look and see what catches your eye.

Please be aware that these are not always available. We try to ensure only fleeces that are available are visible on the order pages but this can never be guaranteed*

Latest Arrivals

February 2022 Swatch Image

New Fleeces Swatch Image

Plain Colours

Plain Fleece Swatch Image

Hearts, Spots and Stars

Hearts, Spots and Stars Fleece Swatch Image

Premium Patterns (Part 1)

Patterned Fleece Swatch Part 1

Premium Patterns (Part 2)

Patterned Fleece Swatch Part 2

* Unfortunately fleeces can go out of stock when we are very busy. You will always be contacted and given an alternative option.