About CandE Cosies

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So who are CandE Cosies?

Well, to be honest "we" started as just a WAHM, Elaine, though we are now a small team after Elaine took on Paris and Charlotte. Also Elaine's other half, Dave is on board to help where required. We used to have many guinea pigs of our own, a few more than your usual 2/3/4 😁 We were also experienced small animal boarders and have looked after guinea pigs, rabbits, African pygmy hedgehogs, tortoises, hamsters, degus, rats and chinchillas belonging to a large array of returning customers.


Over the many years we met some lovely people. Some of these asked if we knew where they could get hold of accessories like snuggle sacks, tunnels and cage liners. After some evening chats, watching Emmerdale and Corrie, CandE Cosies as born! Elaine used her experience and passion for sewing, alongside the families love of small animals, and she designed snuggle sacks in 2012 and started making and selling in 2013. This was followed quickly by the ramp tunnels which are still UNIQUE in the UK.

Not long after this, the cage liners were born. Elaine was the first in the UK to use ZorbŽ in all of her liners. We believe we are still, as of March 2022, to be the only liner makers in the UK who import ZorbŽ direct from the manufacturer. Despite this taking quite some effort it allows us to keep our prices lower than others who have in more recent years started to use it. So, don't be put off by our lower prices ... it doesn't mean lower quality just more cost savvy makers!

Why did Elaine decide to use it? Simply because it is the best material to use and absorbs more than bamboo, towelling, mattress toppers and definitely more than polyester wadding. It's designed to be used in reusable nappies so can handle babies weeing. The other cores mentioned (towelling, mattress toppers, wadding) are used by many other sellers claiming to make "luxury" liners. This does annoy us at CandE Cosies because, take wadding as an example, wadding doesn't even absorb moisture at all, no matter how thick they make their liners! They disguise this by putting a waterproof backing on their liners to contain the liquid. Another added bonus with using ZorbŽ is that it is lightweight, thinner and dries quickly. Win! Win! Win!

More About The Team

Sewing Machine SilhouetteElaine is a work at home mum (WAHM) with 4 children with varying ages, the most demanding being a little one who just started school and a toddler. She has always continued to have the passion to supply what she, and many customers feel judging by the reviews, are the best liners. So despite breaks due to pregnancy etc she has always returned to making them. Elaine is the driving force and the many creative brain behind CandE Cosies. She is also the BOSS LOL 

Paris joined us during the pandemic having been put on furlough and then made redundant from her previous job. She's only 25 and a mum to a beautiful husky called Luna. We knew Paris as she went to school with our eldest daughter and so had no hesitation giving her a job. With an arty background, an eye for detail and a good work ethic we're pleased to have her on board ... though she can be a bit bossy herself LOL

Charlotte joined more recently, again having had employment issues due to the pandemic. She is a single mum to a lovely daughter, who is school friends with our little boy. We knew of her situation, and due to how busy we were getting, decided to give her some part times hours to help both her out and ourselves. She has proved to be another valuable asset to the team with a fantastic work ethic and attention to detail.

Dave is partner to Elaine and general dogsbody and "teaboy" as well as website creator and designer, accounts manager, admin assistant, financial controller and sometimes he's allowed to cut fabric and package orders, but only if well behaved!

Final Words

We are honest and caring and take great pride in what we design, make and dispatch. We don't exaggerate our achievements or pretend we are something we're not. Elaine and Dave share childminding duties, school runs etc whilst also working hard on the business.

Nothing is outsourced. Everything is made here in Bristol, UK by the team above and Dave helps design and maintain the website and sometimes cuts the fabric as well as being a sounding board when Elaine needs another opinion, though he's usually wrong LOL 

It is because every single product is hand made by Elaine, Paris and Charlotte that there is at least a 7-10 day wait, longer at busier times, on liners and accessories. However we always try to make them quicker than this and often do. We are also happy to make liners from fabric supplied by you or even completely bespoke sizes for a variety of cages.

This means that when you purchase from us you are supporting a small UK business who has worked hard to grow and be successful which is allowed them to invest in other UK companies and also local people. Remember, none of our products are made elsewhere!

If you have any questions about CandE Cosies or the products we make then please don't hesitate getting in touch. Otherwise why not go to The Best Cage Liners and add one or more to your shopping cart.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and why we do what we do. Simply put, because WE LOVE MAKING ACCESSORIES FOR SMALL ANIMALS :)

Kind regards

Elaine and the team