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Corner Hide

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Corner Hide Size

Size (approx): 380mm x 380mm along side edges and 300mm high

Note: Our hides, unlike most others, have sides as well as the fringe front giving your pets a lovely private space.


Our corner hides are a perfect addition to your cage, especially C&C cage, giving your little ones a fabulous place to escape to whilst matching your liners and the rest of your setup.

They are made primarily with soft anti-pil polar fleece, so can match your liner exactly but I am also able to put a cotton/fabric top to them to match your other accessories such as snuggle sacks and tunnels.

These hides come with cord attached along the top edges to tie onto your cages easily and conveniently.

Washing Instructions

All of our Corner Hides can be washed. These simple instructions will help you get the best from your new purchases.

  1. Give the corner hide a good shake to remove loose debris.
  2. Wash on a 30/40°C cycle.
  3. Line Dry. Do NOT tumble dry.

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely cosy hiding place

Our girls love the corner hide. So much so that they will actually share it sometimes. I love that it comes with side panels too as a lot I looked at didn't. Very well made.

Hi Nicola,

Wow, just replied to your liner review and now noticed one for the corner hide! Thank you so much for doing 2! Glad you and your piggies are loving the corner hide especially with regards to it having sides. I also noticed there were not many that had sides, so not really much of a hide, which is why I designed these ones. They are one of my favourite accessories for piggies. Enjoy!

Kind regards

Fab corner hide & cage liners

I have a 5X2 c & c habitat, split down the middle for my two piggy boys who don’t like each other anymore. But they LOVE their two hideys! And the fleece liners (which I’ve had for ages) are top quality and still look like new. The small ones are more practical to wash and dry so I’d recommend several of them over one big one. I’m very happy to have found your online shop. So are my (bickering 🤷‍♀️) piggies!

Hi Lesley,

What can I say? Thank you so much for your wonderful review and photo. It really made my day reading it and seeing your cage setup with the liner and hides. It's a shame your boys don't get on so they can enjoy the whole cage together. Boys will be boys though! LOL

Your cage looks lovely and you taking the time to leave the review and take a photo is hugely appreciated. It means a lot to me and make the hard work and long hours worthwhile.

Kind regards

Guineas love it

Lovely and well made, better than others I have brought and reasonably priced as well. Excellent that they come with side makes them more snuggly and liked the ties found them easier than clips I used before (had to tie them in bows as Guineas kept pulling them loose 🤣

Hi Tracy

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. As a WAHM trying to juggle everything it's great to know my efforts are appreciated. I am so pleased that you are happy with the hide and that your piggies are happy as well, trying to untie it LOL. Knowing this makes it all worthwhile.

All the best

Such a good idea!

Such a simple idea but what a good one. I love how you can see inside through the strips but it gives the guinea pigs somewhere to go and be cosy. Looks great in the cage and excellent price.

Hi Karen

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, it really is appreciated. I am pleased that you are so happy with your purchase. If you need any more, nothing like having a couple of spares in different colours/patterns, then you know where I am.

Kind regards

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90 reviews
The girls love it!

I got a new liner, as my previous ones were very old. My 2 girls LOVE IT! I ordered a 2x4 with a hidden pocket and they adore it. Can't wait to buy more :D


Fleeces are looking and feel great. Very absorbent. Piggies love their new comfort. Will be buying more in future.

Single Colour Liner
Stephanie B.
Liners and cosy tunnels

Really pleased with the liners and tunnels I ordered. Order arrived really quickly and they're great quality.
One of my piggies loves to burrow so the burrow pocket on the liners is a great option 😁

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to send over the photos and leave your lovely review. Your piggies all look so happy on their new liners, enjoying their hay Burrow pockets can be a great addition especially if your piggies are the burrowing kind so fingers crossed yours will enjoy theirs

Thanks again and you know where we are if you need/want a colour change

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Game changers!

I had tried various combinations of liners before discovering these and I’m so glad I invested in a set as they are amazing - soft, well-made and so absorbent, you have no idea where the guinea pigs have peed! The cage looks and smells so much cleaner now and lasts for days before a full change is needed. Easy to wash and dry too. Have already recommended to a friend. Thank you!

Hi Sarah,

Wow wow wow!!! What a fantastic review you left for us. That really made us smile when we read it. It's fantastic to hear that you are so happy with the liners and that you have discovered how much better good quality liners, made with the right materials, can be in comparison to other liners or even other methods of covering the cage floor.

Thank you as well for recommending us. We do get most of our customers through recommendations so it's always lovely to hear that's the case. We have noticed you have ordered again, thank you so much.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Absolutely delighted with the chinchilla cage liners. Really well made and a good price. Thank you

Hi Maggie

Thank you so much for leaving a review with us. It is always appreciated. Great to hear that your chinchillas, chinchillas are so cute, are enjoying their new liners. Lovely to get your feedback and you know where we are if you fancy a colour change :)

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris