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Covered Hammock

Covered Hammock

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Covered Hammock Size

Cover Size (LxW):  260mm x 260mm (10in x 10in)

Main Hammock (LxW): 360mm x 360mm (14in x 14in) when flat.  

Corner Loops *: 50mm (2in) long.

Note: Clips sold separately. Click Here for Clips

* All sizes are approximate


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Our covered hammocks are a perfect addition to your C&C cage giving your little ones a fabulous place to unwind after a hard days eating, whilst matching your liners and the rest of your setup.

They are made with soft anti-pil polar fleece, so they can match your other accessories such as snuggle sacks and tunnels. The top section has a fabric outer and fleece inner section.

Our Covered Hammocks also make use of Zorb™ Silvadur® inside them so if your little ones decides to wee in them, and let us be honest they will do, then it will soak it all up quickly.

Please scroll down for more information about our accessories and what we use to make them

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

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Covered Hammock from CandE Cosies

Further Information

Key Features of Our Liners & Absorbent Accessories

A quick summary of why our liners and absorbent accessories are the best value for money in the UK.

  • Zorb™ Silvadur™ Antimicrobial absorbent core to lock away any moisture. Not polyester wadding which isn't absorbent!
  • Silvadur™ is proven to be safe against the skin so is 100% safe for your piggies/pets especially when sewn inside a cage liner.
  • Silvadur™ has intelligent odour control reducing noticeable odour by over 99%
  • High quality Anti-pil fleece to wick away moisture from the animals into the core.
  • No need for a "waterproof layer". These layers are present in lower quality liners with cores that do not absorb properly.
  • Lightweight and thinner than alternatives but still soft underfoot. Thickness does not denote quality with cage liners.
  • Quick drying especially when compared to towelling and wadding based liners.
  • Made to measure for the chosen size of cage.
  • Handmade at home in the UK by a team of slightly bonkers but skilled seamstresses.
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat. One of the few on the market that can be tumble dried.

Why we use Zorb® Silvadur™

So why do we use Zorb™ Silvadur® in our absorbent products (excluding Memory Foam Mats)? Simple really, its amazing but for a bit more detail then carry on reading below.

It is designed to be used in reusable nappies, is thin, lightweight and highly absorbent. Nothing on the market is more effective or comparable. We were one of the first UK bulk importers of Zorb™ and now Zorb™ Silvadur®, which we used in all of our cage liners.

Zorb™ Silvadur® is 20 times faster at locking away liquid than any other material including cotton, bamboo and microfibre which are used in other cage liners. It also absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid in half a second. In addition it is thin (thick liners don't necessarily mean quality), lightweight, quick drying and can be tumble dried on a low setting.

The Silvadur® Antimicrobial properties inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the fabric thus controlling bad odours, improving overall hygiene and providing continuous freshness protection. We are the first in the UK to use this as standard within all of our liners, setting the bar for quality higher still and showing how innovative we are.

More information about Zorb™ Silvadur® can be found In Our Blog Post.

Washing Instructions

Washing and Drying

  • Give your liner an initial wash before using. This helps aid the wicking of the fleece.
  • Sweep/vacuum the loose hay and droppings daily.
  • Your liner will probably need washing once or twice a week depending on how messy your little ones are.
  • If you have 3 or more animals then washing may need to be done more regularly.
  • If you use pee pads or similar then this can extend the time between washing.
  • Make sure you shake/brush the loose materials off your liner before washing.
  • If available, place your liner inside a laundry bag.
  • Machine wash your liner on a cool wash, 30/40C using a washing detergent that DOES NOT contain fabric softener. A little white wine vinegar can help eliminate odours.
  • We always RECOMMEND line/air drying liners. Howeve our Zorb based liners, unlike others, can be tumble dried if necessary. Please ensure it is on a LOW HEAT SETTING. The wadding liners can ONLY be line dried. Due to the materials we use they will dry quickly.

Extra Help

  • Do Not use fabric softener when washing your liners. This is because it leaves a residue on the fleece fibres stopping them from wicking moisture away as effectively
  • As mentioned above, we recommend giving your liner an initial wash though this is not essential. You will find the more the liner is washed the more effective the fleece becomes at wicking away any moisture. This is normal behaviour for the material and is a reason why it is so good to use in the cage.
  • When washing, if you give the liner a second spin/rinse you will find that it dries a lot quicker.
  • Make sure you don't use too much detergent as this will clog the fibres and stop the liner working as effectively. This will lead to bad odours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Very well made!

The hammock is beautiful and so well made. The fleece is soft and the loops to hold it up are very sturdy. My piggies haven’t figured out how to use it yet but I’m sure they will!


My 2 Guinea pigs love this hammock. One sits on the top and one in the bottom. Beautifully made as always.
Thank you from myself, Felicity and Alice.

Tiffany R.

Our piggies absolutely love snoozing in this hammock! Great quality! Will def be ordering another!

Perfect hammocks

We now own three of your lovely covered hammocks. They are absolutely perfect and the piggies love them even more than I do!!

Great fun

Lovely hammocks that the guinea pigs love. They like hiding in them and under them! We have ordered before so knew what great quality these products are.

Sian A.M.
Great Hammock

My girls absolutely love this. Getting under it. Getting into it. Beautifully made. Very pleased. Thank you.

Elisabeth G.
Brilliant hammock

Have bought two hammocks for my three boys to use! They love them so much they fight over who uses them! Great additions to the cage and fantastic quality. Would recommend them to anyone who loves their ‘piggies’.

Brilliant service, beautiful products

Bought a hammock for a friend for a present. I know she's going to love it. The product is very well made and excellent value. Manufacture and delivery was also faster than expected. Over all, very impressed. Thank you.


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for the hammock. Hopefully your friend has the hammock now and her piggies/rats or other are enjoying using it. Lovely to hear how happy you were with your purchase.

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris


My guineas love their hammock. This is my second one as they miss it so much when it was being washed. I use a pee pad inside for extra comfort and ease of refreshing between washes.

Hi Nicki

Thank you so much for your reviews, including this one for your hammock purchase. Great idea getting a spare so the piggies don't sulk and also using the pee pad inside, hadn't thought of that one!!!

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris

Andrew A.
Happy piggie

Guinea pig loves it. Can't complain about the service or quality at all.

Hi Andrew

Many thanks for your review. Lovely to hear that you were pleased with the service and quality of the hammock. Nice to hear that the piggy enjoys it as well!

Kind regards
Elaine, Charlotte and Paris