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Echinacea Leaves with Stalks Forage

Echinacea Leaves with Stalks Forage

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Forage Information

Single item forage, such as these Echinacea Leaves with Stalks, allow you to tailor what your furry friends eat creating a fully balanced diet alongside their hay, dried food and fresh fruit and vegetables. Alternatively, you can buy several single forages and create your own mix.

Our Echinacea Leaves are 100% naturally produced with no artificial additives or preservatives. Using the highest quality forage ingredients and dried through a gentle drying process to preserve nutrients.

Sprinkle the Echinacea Leaves onto your little ones hay or even spread it around the cage to really encourage foraging. Either way, your furry friends will be very grateful for such a perfect treat.

Key Details

100% Natural Product

No artificial additives or preservatives.

Quality Raw Fiber content

Aids with the animal's immune and digestive systems.


100% Echinacea Leaves and stalks

(Note: there can be some discoloration during the drying process) 

Forage Feeding Instructions

It is recommended that you feed no more than a small handful per animal each day.

Recommended Animals

Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Rats and other rodents. Additionally suitable for reptiles.

Storage Instructions

Although supplied in a handy resealable bag, we recommend transferring the forage to an air-tight container and storing in a cool dry place.


All information is for guidance only. We are not responsible for the incorrect feeding of your pets. Please check that the forage is suitable for your pets before purchasing to avoid disappointment or risking harm to your little ones.

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

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Echinacea Leaves with Stalks Forage from CandE Cosies

Further Information

Feeding Forage

Forage is a fantastic addition to your guinea pig's, or other small animal's, life. With a variety of different herbs, flowers and other plants they can offer a different tastes, vitamins and other benefits to enhance their diet.

However, please be aware that forage is a supplementary food and as such should be fed in addition to their regular diets of hay, fresh fruit/veg and nuggets. This means forage should be considered a treat, in the same way that chocolate should be a treat to us (emphasis on should LOL).

Customer Reviews

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One of my guinea pigs lives these he will not eat fruit or pea flakes or the usual treats but loves these stalks so thank you so much from a different taste buds from other guinea pigs guinea pig!