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Ready Made Accessory - Lucky Dip Single Snuggle Sacks

Ready Made Accessory - Lucky Dip Single Snuggle Sacks

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Ready Made Accessory

All of our ready made accessories are items that have either been returned, made in error or have small faults. All the necessary details are shown below.


The available accessory is mentioned in the above heading and is available as a ready made item for the following reason(s):

  • Discontinued Fabrics.
  • Faults

* Images are for demonstration purposes only and do not necessarily show the product you will receive.

*Note: Every attempt is made to show our products/options/colours accurately however due to individual monitor/screen setups some variations, especially with colour representation, may occur.

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Ready Made Accessory - Lucky Dip Single Snuggle Sacks from CandE Cosies

Futher Information

Why we use Zorb® Silvadur™

So why do we use Zorb™ Silvadur® in our absorbent products (excluding Memory Foam Mats)? Simple really, its amazing but for a bit more detail then carry on reading below.

It is designed to be used in reusable nappies, is thin, lightweight and highly absorbent. Nothing on the market is more effective or comparable. We were one of the first UK bulk importers of Zorb™ and now Zorb™ Silvadur®, which we used in all of our cage liners.

Zorb™ Silvadur® is 20 times faster at locking away liquid than any other material including cotton, bamboo and microfibre which are used in other cage liners. It also absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid in half a second. In addition it is thin (thick liners don't necessarily mean quality), lightweight, quick drying and can be tumble dried on a low setting.

The Silvadur® Antimicrobial properties inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the fabric thus controlling bad odours, improving overall hygiene and providing continuous freshness protection. We are the first in the UK to use this as standard within all of our liners, setting the bar for quality higher still and showing how innovative we are.

More information about Zorb™ Silvadur® can be found In Our Blog Post.

Washing Instructions

All of our accessories can be washed. These simple instructions will help you get the best from your new purchases.

  1. If your accessory has a removable pee pad, remove it and shake to remove loose debris.
  2. Give the accessory a good shake to remove loose debris.
  3. Wash on a 30/40°C cycle.
  4. Line Dry. Do NOT tumble dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chloe H.
A great price

I asked in the notes whether I could have a print that was boyish and that’s what I received so was very happy - the quality is great and a decent size

Cute little pouch

Well made, nice quality fabrics. As this one was a lucky dip, the print wasn't quite what I would have picked but that doesn't really matter. Perhaps a bit small?

Reviewer avatar
Karli J.
Snuggle Sacks

Purchased 2 of these snuggle sacks for my girls, and even though they weren't colours that I would have chosen myself, that's the beauty of a lucky dip. Beautifully made (have yet to wash them) and were immediately snuggled in by 2 happy piggys.
Will be purchasing more in the future. And always recommend. Thank you C&E Cosies.

Nicola C.
A lovely bargain

I couldn't pass up the chance to get one of these lovely sacks at such a great price. I received a double sack for my 2 boys in a cute design and well made.

Love the lucky dip idea

Another great, well made item. My daughter loved the idea of a lucky dip and was excited to see which cuddle sack we’d receive. We got a single sack and my daughter loved the colour we received. This was a great way to get a bargain.